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Where it’s happening, why it’s being done and who’s at the forefront of this growing movement?

About Rainforest & Reforestation Around The World Today.

Where it's happening, why it's being done and who's at the forefront of this growing movement?

The Amazon Rainforest is known as the lungs of the Earth and it also has the highest biodiversity of any biome on the planet. You may also have heard that the Amazon is approaching a tipping point, a point of no return.

Up to 50% of the Amazon’s rainfall is self-created from moisture straight from the rainforest. As rainforest gets converted to grassland for cattle, this also decreases the surface area that can retain water, which creates less opportunity for rain and a self-reinforcing cycle.

Biodiversity Loss

And with the loss of rainforest also comes the loss of biodiversity. Biodiversity and the variety of species is crucial for the health and resilience of the entire planet, including humans. Mono crops, for example, where there is just one crop, are much more susceptible to disease and the whole ecosystem and soil biome become weaker where there is only one crop.

Think of it this way: if there was only one type of human and there were only computer programmers on earth and everyone was a computer programmer and there was no one else equipped to do anything else, the whole species would die. There would be no one to grow food, make shelter, do the plumbing, or any of the other variety of tasks.

Almost all countries and continents from South America to Africa and Asia continue to be deforested, especially their tropical rainforests. However, there are some countries and some small groups that are reversing the trend and are dedicated to reforesting and restoring the rainforest.

Countries Leading the Way

For example, Costa Rica as of the 1970’s was down to 25% forest cover of their entire landmass. But today they’ve gotten back up to 50% due to placing more emphasis on conservation and reforestation. Bhutan is another example of a country tending to their environmental responsibility.

There are other non-profits like 8 Billion Trees in the Amazon, small land owners that have dedicated their land to conservation or to reforesting. But there are as of yet, no one aiming to fix the problem at scale.

CarbonHood is aiming to solve the problem at scale. Through partnering with local landowners in tropical areas in the Amazon in Brazil and other areas around the world, CarbonHood offers incentives, investment and partnerships to help assist with reforestation worldwide.

CarbonHood Terra is also our land acquisition company that acquires old farmlands where the owner is retiring and wishes to sell.

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