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Creating A More sustainable Home For All life On the planet





A Concept That Will Revolutionize Farming, Caring For The Planet And Generating Profits Without Sacrificing The Rock We Live on!

In our efforts to keep up with the rapid evolution of the CarbonHood Mission: “Seeding Sustainable Futures From Farms To Boardrooms.” We’ve adopted a flexible framework that keeps our companies and clients on the leading edge of an evolving economy that prioritizes taking care of our planet while producing profit for all involved.

Our Team Has The Courage, Scale And Infrastructure To Satisfy Any Of Your Carbon Credit Objectives.

117 Million Credits

Available for immediate purchase.

22 Billion Credits

Available in the next 6-12 months.

The Perfect Solution

Positioning Set For Sustainable & Profitable Futures.

Keeping in mind the worldwide jurisdictions and the requirements to function and participate in those economies, we are positioning ourselves, our team, our partners and our joint venture companies for sustainable and profitable futures.

The CarbonHood Group Of Companies

Restoring Ecosystems & Biodiversity Back Into Rainforests Is My Mission

With a passion and natural skill set for sales, teaching and coaching Jason has spent the last decade assisting top level entrepreneurs and executives in the art of “Sales With A Soul”. His successful sales consulting practice uses stories and principles from his book “Jungle Whispering ~ The Art Of Influence.”

Applying those skills to his businesses, he and his wife owned and operated a top performing Yoga Studio and currently run a beautiful resort in the lush jungles of Costa Rica.

His passion for the “Jungle Life” has inspired him to begin purchasing large areas of farmland (over 60 Ha) in Costa Rica for the purpose of restoring the rainforest, the ecosystem and contributing to the biodiversity in those areas. He has started a non-profit for rainforest restoration, and in conjunction with CarbonHood the objective is to convert old farmlands and cow pastures into their primary rainforest habitats.

Jason Westlake


Spanning More Than 5 Decades in Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and more.

Hailed by his peers as a “Serial Entrepreneur”, Cameron possesses one of the most diverse and innovative minds into any industry he enters.

Spanning more than five decades, he’s amassed multiple companies and through his creativity, determination & unstoppable focus has developed and implemented pioneering solutions in Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and more.

Most recently he was responsible for blazing a trail and setting new standards with his mega success “Sky Tractors” Hercules Heavy Lifting Drones. A product that is widely sold and used in the Agricultural Industry.

With his attention and energy now pointed in the direction of “Building Bridges From Farms To Boardrooms”, he has significant investment into CarbonHood’s credit vision. Implementing very strategic methodologies to give back to the Earth through Farming individuals and corporations around the world.

Cameron Kuipers


Pioneering Green Paths: How Yani Wolf Shapes the Future of Sustainable Business

Yani is a visionary with over two decades of experience transforming businesses and launching start-ups. With a career that spans global industries and countless successful ventures, Yani’s journey is anything but ordinary. His diverse endeavors, often viewed as ambitious, are fueled by an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact and pioneering innovative paths.

Yani is a passionate advocate for sustainability. He’s seamlessly woven eco-friendly principles into his work, leading ground-breaking initiatives across retail sales, agricultural operations, engineering, product development, corporate banking, and finance. His focus on promoting sustainability and reducing carbon footprints is not just a professional goal but a personal mission.

Through relentless effort and collaboration with talented teams, Yani has discovered that experience and teamwork are the keys to transforming industries. His career is a testament to continuous learning, adaptation, and a steadfast dedication to balancing business success with environmental responsibility.

Beyond his professional achievements, Yani treasures the moments spent with friends and family. After years devoted to professional growth, he finds immense joy in sharing meaningful experiences with loved ones, whose support has been a cornerstone of his success.

As he explores blockchain solutions through CarbonHood.org, Yani is eager to infuse his expertise and passion for sustainability into innovative approaches that will benefit both businesses and the planet. His dynamic blend of vision, experience, and eco-conscious drive positions him as a true leader in the quest for a greener future.

Yani Wolf

Blockchain Specialist


The Perfect Solution

Carbon Credits Were Created To Help Incentivize Protection Of The Environment And Sequester CO2.

Carbon credits are becoming a new source of revenue for farmers and for the little guy.

The Perfect Solution


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