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Farmers looking to generate reliable sources of revenue or corporations wanting to reduce their carbon footprint

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Farmers looking to generate reliable sources of revenue or corporations wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

We have partnered with various universities around the world who have already done years of research to know how much carbon is sequestered by various crops globally. For farmers worldwide on most crops we can certify carbon credits and guarantee to purchase every year exclusively for our clientele.

For example, with banana crops, if farmers are utilizing the composting strategy for recycling their banana plants, then it has already been proven that these strategies can yield up to 10-15 carbon credits annually per Ha. Other crops vary in their production. Wheat crops, for example, produce much less, while tropical crops that produce annually can have a higher yield.

10-15 Carbon Credits Per Ha

In addition, there are further regenerative agriculture strategies for sequestering more carbon in the soil that will produce even more carbon credits. See our other article for more tips on this.

On the other side, we have a growing network of corporations who are committed to reducing their own carbon footprint and are purchasing carbon offsets as well as getting involved in their own reforestation projects that support communities at the local level.

Some corporations are happy to purchase the existing carbon credits we have that have gone through a rigorous certification process. And others want to be the hero and get involved with specific projects from the ground up in specific locations and communities.

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