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Providing Innovative Eco Friendly resources and strategies for farmers all around the world.

Get Started with Revenue Generating Practices That Align With Nature.

Providing Innovative Eco Friendly resources and strategies for farmers all around the world.

At CarbonHood Clean Development, we help farmers certify carbon credits and guarantee a new source of revenue for them. We also provide strategies for farmers worldwide to sequester more carbon in their soil, thus providing them with more carbon credits.

To do that, the soil biome must be improved and become more healthy. A healthier soil biome sequesters more carbon in the soil. There are various regenerative strategies for the soil depending upon the crop and the geographical region.

SOME of the strategies that will be used will be:

Tilling the ground degrades the structure and the biodiversity of the soil and the overall health of the soil. Leaving the soil in place helps to sequester more carbon, create more biodiversity and build the overall health and resilience of the soil.

Cover crops help to provide more biodiversity and trap nutrients within the soil, reducing nutrient runoff and leaching. Cover crops contribute again to the overall health and wellbeing of the soil biome, thus increasing the amount of carbon stored.

Synthetic fertilizers can damage the overall resilience of the soil. Changing to other types of natural fertilizers (of which there are a variety) can help to rebuild the strength and vitality of the soil biome.

There are other strategies as well. And there are specific strategies with different crops and different geographical zones. For example, with bananas, by composting the giant banana leaves and plants and returning them to the soil, a banana farmer could potentially receive 10-15 carbon credits annually based on research previously done. Some crops are much less. And other crops would vary based on the factors above.

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